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GEOWEEK is the primereunion of academia and industry of the Geospatial community of Sri Lanka. This salient event is launched in 2021 by Sri Lanka’s most prestigious research and development body in the field of Geospatial Science, the Faculty of Geomatics. Simply, the GEOWEEK can be inferred as the brainchild of Mr. PGV Abeyratne, the present Dean of the Faculty of Geomatics.

The GEOWEEK facilitates the industry leaders to showcase their cutting-edge technologies that were invented by their overseas principals through trade exhibitions. Further, it builds up the wisdom of the geospatial community by offering various workshops together with industry leaders. Further, the platform enables spaces to showcase several panel discussions and summit-level forums to acculturate the global knowledge within the locality. In year 2022, GEOWEEK expects toexpand its horizon not only among professionals but also among kids by providing a room to share their genuine thoughts about their surrounding via a map drawing competition. Besides, specifically targeted programs will be arranged to uplift geospatial knowledge of the school students’ communityas well.

Additionally, the prominence of the research component in GEOWEEK is presented under the banner of GEOSYM2022. This is the international Geomatics symposium organized by the Faculty of Geomatics for the second time.

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Our History

Our History

The Faculty of Geomatics is one of the eight faculties of the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka and was established in 2004. It is the successor of the Department of Surveying Sciences, which introduced the BSc (Surveying Sciences) Degree Programme in 1997. This was the first time in the history of the university system in Sri Lanka that such a degree programme was introduced by a university fulfilling a much felt need of the country. The Degree Programme is a four-year course leading to a special degree. The first batch of students admitted to the degree programme in 1997 and graduated in 2002.

The Faculty, with its predecessor, Department of Surveying Sciences, has a history of over 15 years with a total of about 900 students graduating since 2002.

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2022 25th Annivassary